After gathering quite a lot information about music theory and research on the LoonaVerse I decided to write this short analysis about Loona and their # teaser(s).

After multiple mentions of # being pronounced/ read as sharp (by loona members) and a twitter user suggesting it is the musical sign ’sharp‘, I thought about B#RN being linked to the scale B# Major, which is as good as never used in any musical piece because of its unnecessary complicty. And here is why, B# Major played on the piano are exactly the same notes as in C Major which in comparison to B# Major ( having 5 double sharps-written as x – and two usual sharps – written as #) has zero signs. I interpreted it as B#RN being something as an altered reality.

This is how B# Major scale looks noted

Last comeback was Butterfly and talked about butterfly effects. Now combine the notion of one small incident creating an alteration and different outcomes (hence the existence of multiverses) with the circle of fifth in which every time you add a flat or a sharp you change the key and make an alteration to the original key. It’s interesting that if you take one entire turn around the circle of fifth with it’s 12 alterations beginning with C Major, you’ll comeback to B# Major. As Mentioned those are visually on the piano the same notes but on the sheet they are different.

The circle of fith (only Major keys)

The latest Loona teaser, #1 has a repetitive piano note. This note is C or B# before it ascends a half-step to C# or Bx. (I will comeback to chromatic scales aka 12 tone scales later.) Also Hi High has been said to be in C Major and the last sung note in Butterfly is a C.

On the other hand one could consider the circle of fifth together with the Möbius loop as a time line rather than the shape of loonaverse. Every solo and incident would mean an alteration to the loop. Since there are twelve keys before arriving at B# Major and twelve solos it could add up. I’d like to add that Loona eras were ++, xx and now #. Now a x (double sharp) in german music terminology is a ‚doppel-kreuz‘ literally translated a double-cross. XX is also a double cross that turns into a # in the outros of the teasers.

Now returning to chromatic scales also known as 12-tone scales. So you have one octave with every note on it. If you ascend in half-steps C, C#,D,D# etc. you get all 12 notes. So every half step could stand for one member. In the #1 teaser there has been this ascend from C to C#. The teaser shows Heejin being the C hence Hyunjin should be the C#/Db/Bx. Also there has been a lot of focus on Hyunjin lately. Hyunjin centering and the orbit 2.0 kit being yellow themed.

Besides there has been a lot of rewinding in the teaser. B#rn rewinding butterfly. XX rewinding Hi High. So maybe we have C and rewind to start an alternative timeline in C# or B#. Apropos going back in time. In music terminology there is the magnificent tool of returning back to a passage in the notes called dal segno. Ringing a bell? Well, yyxy has a track titled dal segno. In general dal segno means to return to the sign whatever, may it be coda or something else. Someone has also pointed out, dal segno sounds like 이달의 소녀 (idalue sonyeo).

It can apply to Gowon going back in time in the # teaser to change an outcome of an unfortunate future and causing a butterfly effect with that.

I talked about B# and C being the same note on the piano. This you call enharmonic equivalent. In music notation it’s what you call a note, interval or key signature that is equivalent to some other note, interval or key signature but spelled or named differently. It applies to our western scale system that a C# is enharmonically equivalent to Db. As I mentioned C Major and B# Major are enharmonic. One of the most known enharmonic intervals is the augmented fourth or diminished fifth. Theoratically it sounds the same but it depends on how you write it down if it’s a fourth or fifth. If you ascend six halftones from C to F#/ Gb you get this kind of interval often called tritone. A tritone is the perfect split of the octave but it sounds disharmonic and impure. It used to be forbidden to use when composing even called the delvil’s interval.

This next part of the theory is to be taken with a grain of salt and much skepticism please.

Well here is where I made a mistake. If you consider Heejin as C and go up to F# you’ll come to Jinsoul not Kim Lip like I previously said. I’d still like to keep the Kim Lip part anyway. So back to Jinsoul, remember in Egoist music video where she had the chinese ‚fallen angel‘ sign behind her. Well, fallen angel refers to Lucifer. He was once was an angel and fell from heaven whilst creating a hole in the ground which is the so called hell. According to Dante’s divine commedy and other religious sources he is the king of the hell aka Satan/ The Devil. In some forms he can be seen as the snake in garden of eden who persuaded Eve to bite the apple. His intention came from jealousy, he envied the prosperity of the two human’s and wanted to ruin them.

[ I’d like to point out the merest connections of Jinsoul, Kim Lip and Yves refering to their solo’s and lyrics. To make it quick, Jinsoul has the fallen angel sign behind her and Lucifer means morningstar which is the planet venus. Venus on the other hand is a roman goddess and the equivalent to greek goddess aphrodite, well Yves read a book called ‚Aphrodite means Death‘ in the Heart Attack music video. The Eclipse lyrics mention cupid (orig.: cupid’s love, to me this part sounds and combined with choreography and filmography of the music video as if she falls into a haze or trance of love). Cupid or Armor has these magical arrows that make people fall in love, furthermore he is the son of Aphrodite/ Venus. And as you might have seen, Yves – in Loonaverse – shot Chuu with an arrow which made her fall in love with Yves. Also have you ever heard of the story of Amor and Psyche? Psyche was a woman so beautiful that even Venus was jealous and she sent her son amor to shoot her with an arrow so she would fall in love with an ugly man, instead he was so bewitched of her beauty he shot himself accidentally. Both Venus and Lucifer acted out of jealousy, again we have parallels of Jinsoul as Lucifer and Yves as Venus.] Nevertheless this is very far fetched and to be taken with a grain of salt.

Returning to Kim Lip, I sometimes feel she has a villain role in Loonaverse even if her story is very, very unclear.

Kim Lips colour is red. It has many symbolic meanings not all of them being positive. Blood, death, war, danger, power malice, wrath and anger. Not to mention the devil. So what makes me think she is a villain or at least has a higher position in power. Well there have been multiple theories how she in her music video sits on a throne or has a ring around her head and being the sixth member linking her to the sixth planet saturn. The planet with a ring, the planet of death, destruction but also wisdom. Kim Lip’s animal the owl, is also linked with this traits. Anyhow, Saturn is also a roman god and his greek equivalent is Kronos. He ruled the golden age and ate his children afraid of being overthrown by them.

I want to make some quick annotations, that the golden age was the best and most prosperous era of humanity. It ended when the gods send pandora to earth and her curiousity brought her to open the box with all the malice in the world. Two things, box of pandora being mentioned in Eclipse lyrics and loona having an entire song called curiousity. Furthermore in the bible the golden age was the equivalent to the paradise aka garden of eden. Pandora is the equivalent to Eve who bit the apple and fell from grace. And in Loonaverse this is Yves‘ storyline. What if Hi High was the golden age and a butterfly effect (meant in a negative way) caused B#RN’s bad outcomes?

Anyways, in my eyes both Yves and Kim Lip posses great knowledge about the Möbius. They both long for power and the control of time with the help of the cassette player. Both have red and red-ish colours and bird animals. They have lot of parallels in general.

A second random idea I want to introduce is that B#RN could stand for burn and born. Loona’s debut concert was called LoonaBirth and earlier I mentioned the rewinding in the teasers. So what if we rewind now all the way to Heejin’s birth and her creating the Loonaverse afterward. Also Olivia supposedly burns the Loonaverse and so resets it. This reminds of phoenixes. They burn and are reborn from their ashes.

We know that the music video for egoist officially linked Jinsoul and Olivia as partners in crime. But they may both have the parallels of wanting to destroy the Loonaverse. In one of the Singin in the Rain photos Jinsoul wears shorts having “ to create something new, one must first destroy “ written on them which reminded me very much of the bird allegory from Hermann Hesse’s novel Demian. The allegory goes as this: „The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who wants to be born must first destroy a world. (The bird flies to god. The god’s name is abraxas.)“ The last part does not play a role but the first is close. Even though I doubt Loona having connections to Demian I still like to point out the similiarities.

Demian talks about the growth and maturing process of a boy and the bipolarity of this world. The main character is living in the good and bright comfort of one world but is lured into the darkness and sin of the other world especially after befriending a new classmate, Max Demian. At the same time, however, the novel contains a radical critique of dualistic Christian morality and dogmatics with the aim of creating a different kind of bipolar and non-patriarchal culture. The symbol of this cultural change is Demian’s mother Eve, from whom a new humanity should emerge in the end. (Neoanthropic views that support yyxy chromosomes???) Anyhow, the protagonist’s life is destroyed by the tempations of the evil world.

Loonaverse has also lot of bipolarities such as boy haseul and girl haseul, red and blue focus in the music videos maybe even,good evil, up and down, reality and dream and many more.

Well that’s it for now. I have brought together some most developed ideas that can or cannot be validated. Hope you had fun reading.

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